Classical Chinese Garden
NW 3rd and Everett, Portland, OR, 97208, 503-228-8131

Tower of Cosmic Reflections

This terrace is situated in front of the "Tower of Cosmic Reflections." It is the only two-story building in the garden and serves as the teahouse. Traditionally, this building would serve as the sleeping quarters for the family. Single women would use the second story to help prevent contact with men. Other family members would sleep on the ground floor. Our teahouse is operated by the owner of The Tao of Tea. They sell traditional Chinese tea and snacks.

We hope you have enjoyed this self-guided tour. We encourage you to stroll through the garden at your leisure. You may also want to enjoy a cup of tea in the Tea House and stop by the Garden Gift Shop located outside the garden adjacent to the ticket booth. Please remember that your ticket today can be discounted against a membership at the Garden which allows you one-year of free admission as well as many other benefits.