Board of Directors

The Portland Classical Chinese Garden is directed by a Board of Directors. Board members are volunteers from the community who share a personal commitment to the mission of the Portland Classical Chinese Garden.

The Board of Directors approves and evaluates the Garden’s long-term plans, determines the goals and provides financial oversight. The Board works with the executive director to accomplish the Garden’s goals.


Victor Kisch, Chair
Kathryn Krygier, Vice-President
David Kawasaki, Treasurer
Jan Dawson, Secretary


Harve Bellos
Lew Bowers
Anne Naito-Campbell
Gayle Cheldelin
Jack Chu
Robin Grimwade
Jim Harper
Jeff Joslin
David Judd
Diane Kantor
David Kawasaki
Betty Jean Lee
Ben Ngan
Mia Nicholson
Jan Quivey
Mike Scogna
Dorian Yee
Stephen Ying
Peter Young


Donald Jenkins


Charles Wu

Portland Classical Chinese Garden

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