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Garden Plan Area

Reflections in Clear Ripples

Commonly referred to as the Lounge House, the room would be a place where the Garden’s owner would relax and partake of traditional Chinese chess or to listen to music.

As you enter the room, please notice the threshold of the door. For the convenience of visitors, we have removed the center portion that would have greeted visitors in the Ming Dynasty. Traditionally, these high thresholds were used to prevent the entry of evil spirits into the buildings. Evil spirits are believed to move in straight lines and cannot maneuver over obstacles. These thresholds allow the doors to be open without fear of evil spirits entering the space. Another aspect of the threshold is their height. The greater the height, the greater the status of the garden owner. When one steps over these thresholds, the person would seem to bow. The higher the threshold, the deeper the bow. This was a simple but effective way to ensure the proper respect for the owner.

While inside the room, look out the back windows and see how the outside views are framed. Through the center window, see how the pine and bamboo are featured. A few steps to your right or left, and the view changes to feature another plant or tree. This ever-changing series of views allows you to see something new from every angle in the room.