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Garden Plan Area

Scholar’s Courtyard

As you enter the Fragrance Courtyard, take time to notice some of the architectural details that surround you. The walls contain “leak windows,” which “leak” the view from where you are standing into other areas of the Garden. Normally, these windows would only be in the interior of the Garden, but due to City codes, which require no solid walls facing sidewalks, we were required to provide windows in the outside walls as well. There are 52 leak windows in the Garden.

The pattern of the mosaic on the floor of the courtyard is called “plum blossoms on cracked ice.” A plumb tree grows against the outside wall, and in the late winter, its blossoms drop on the courtyard.

This courtyard also affords another view of the roof tiles. The roof tiles channel rain water onto the drip tiles, which were described earlier. The design of the drip tiles results in the rain water falling like a beaded curtain, one drop at a time. Many broad leafed plants are placed beneath these tiles. When it rains, the falling beads of water onto the plants results in a pleasant sound and adds an additional dimension to the Garden experience.