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Garden Plan Area

Celestial Hall of Permeating Fragrance

This room is also called the Scholar’s Study. Here, the owner would practice the arts of calligraphy, painting, and poetry writing. The picture windows frame views of bamboo, maple, and banana. The small study off the main room would be used for painting. Before electricity, paintings were created in the same light that they would eventually hang in. The view from the small room is called, “Half a Window Clustered in Green.” The roof is constructed in the traditional way. The rafters support the inner tiles, which in turn support the outer tiles. They have been reinforced with treated wood to prevent rotting. Three major types of wood are used in the Garden. Most of the buildings and supports are made of Chinese fir, which has been painted. The doors and windows are made of nan wood, which is similar to walnut. The light colored wood, which is usually ornately carved, is made from ginkgo wood. Additionally, camphor wood was used in some of the ceilings and supports. It gives off a wonderful fragrance in many areas of the Garden.