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Round is a Mooncake by Grace Lin


Grace Lin will be at the Chinese Garden on February 4th & 5th for a special reading and book signing. 

A little girl’s urban neighborhood becomes a discovery ground of things round, square and rectangle in this lyrical picture book.  Most of the objects are Asian in origin, other universal: round rice bowls and a found pebble, square dim sum and the boxes that the pizza comes in, rectangular Chinese lace a very special pencil case.  Bright, whimsical art accompanies the narrative rhyme and a short glossary adds cultural significance to the objects featured in the book.



Long is a Dragon, Chinese Writing for Children by Peggy Goldenstein

The Chinese language uses pictures, called characters.  With Long Is A Dragon, you will learn to write and read more than 75 words in Chinese.  It’s fun and easy!



Cloud Weavers - Ancient Chinese Legends by Rena Krasno & Yeng-Fong Chiang

Meet goddesses and immortals, heroines and patriots, poets and philosophers in this collection of 23 favorite legends from China.  These stories, which have entertained and educated generations of Chinese children, introduce today’s readers to China’s traditional values and beliefs.



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