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Gift Cards by Karen Fullerton

Sold as a set of 6 deckle edged cards with matching envelopes or individually, these beautiful cards impart the ancient art form of Chinese brush painting and are each handcrafted by local artisan, Karen L. Fullerton. A perfect gift for yourself and friends, these one of a kind cards are a delightful example of Chinese brush painting.


Set of 6 - $13.95/ Indiv. - $2.95

Gardens in China by Peter Valder

With their distinctive characteristics, the gardens of China are among the most fascinating in the world.  Many excellent books have been written about them but, on the whole, they have dealt only with the surviving imperial gardens and a selection of those of retired officials.  Rarely are the fascinating courtyards and gardens of temples mentioned, nor the evocative enclosures of ancient burial grounds and imperial tombs – to say nothing of the public parks, botanical gardens and arboreta, most of which have sprung up since 1949.

In this book Peter Valder describes over 200 gardens in China which he has visited, including representatives of all types.  In order to introduce them, he looks at how over the years Western visitors have perceived and come to understand Chinese gardens, and for each site provides notes on its location, history and plants.  A description of more than 200 imperial, private, temple, botanical and public gardens in China, including notes on their history and significance, together with 500 color photographs.



The Chinese Garden by Maggie Keswick

When The Chinese Garden was published in 1978, it was the first attempt in any language to explore the meanings that lie behind Chinese gardens.  Now thoroughly revised and with new illustrations, it remains a classic of the subject.  In a scholarly and accessible way, it traces the Chinese garden back through the earliest records, and explains its influence on, and how it was influenced by, philosophy, painting, architecture and literature.  An exploration of Chinese culture, and how this culture manifested itself in the art of garden-making and design, The Chinese Garden provides unique insights into a great civilization and an intimate glimpse of the lives of the artists, scholars, poets and emperors who made it.



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