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Pearl Necklace with Jade Cape Closure

Countless references have been made to pearls and their symbolism in world religion and culture.  In China, dragons are thought to keep guard over pearls at the bottom of the sea, and in ancient times, pearls were observed to ‘change’ with the phases of the Moon, along with other aquatic creatures.  Pearls are a long standing symbol of beauty and purity and are the perfect addition to any lady’s jewelry collection.  These strands of fresh water black pearls are bound with a carved jade cape closure. 



Jade Necklace

There is no element linked to nature that occupies a place in Chinese culture as important as Jade.  Jade is a symbol of nobility, opulence and beauty.  It is Nature’s most precious secret, the fruit of Mother Earth, which protects man from misfortune and illness.  For this reason the gift of Jade is not only gracious, but imparts well being to its recipient.  The gift shop offers many beautiful jade pieces for both men and women.



Unique Mahjong Bracelet

For more than two thousand years, the game of mahjong has been a ‘royal tradition.’ Chinese legend recalls a beautiful woman kept in seclusion in the court of the King of Wu; to escape boredom, she invented a game using carved domino shaped pieces of bone and bamboo. When she was finished, she invited three of her maids to play her newly invited game. Today, you can be a part of this ancient tradition by enjoying a bracelet comprised of over a dozen hand painted tiles made from natural bone. 



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