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Unique Beaded Bracelet

This artful bracelet was handmade by local artist A. Janelle Smith and is a one of a kind piece, made of various antique assembled beads. Available in various color schemes and widths, these bracelets are a wonderful addition to any jewelry collection.



Cinnabar Bracelets

Visitors to our gift shop have often asked us, “What exactly is cinnabar?” Cinnabar is the principal ore of mercury and in very early times, artificial cinnabar or vermilion, was prepared by combining the elements of mercury and sulfur. The historic source for cinnabar is the famous Almaden mines in Spain, which are still the world’s most important source of mercury. These bracelets are carved in high relief and a perfect gift. Worn separately or together, these cinnabar bracelets are a unique and beautiful fashion accessory.

XXL - $14.95/ L - $7.95/ M - $5.95/ Sm. - $3.95

XXL - 104159/ L - 103630/ M - 103631/ Sm. - 103632

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