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Antique Washstand

This beautifully carved and exuberantly painted antique washstand is a wonderful home accent piece. Red is a favorite color in Chinese culture, symbolising joy and good luck.  This piece is highlighted with washes of gold, another emblem of imperialism and wealth.  Detailed and delightful, this washstand would made an excellent plant stand or entry piece and is a unique antique.



Antique Calligraphy Brushes

The Portland Classical Chinese Garden gift store has a wide variety of antique calligraphy brushes.  This collection features brushes both large and small with horse hair bristles and exotic carved handles.  The brushes handles range from hand crafted cinnabar to expertly carved jade and found pieces of coral.  Each brush is one of a kind and is sure to be the perfect gift for any art lover or Chinese enthusiast. 

$89.95 - $49.95

Antique Chinese Chairs

These antique Chinese chairs combine beauty and function for the perfect addition to any decor.  The larger chair is actually from the Ming Dynasty (14th - 19th Century) and showcases the graceful beauty and minimalistic style of the period.  The smaller chair is a more rustic, expertly crafted child’s chair.  Additions sure to add intrigue to your home, these chairs represent only a few of the gift shop’s large selection of Chinese antiques.

Lg. - $199.95/ Child’s - $99.95

Child's - 104238

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