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Assorted Vases

These delicate vases are a beautiful addition to any home, with a variety of shapes and decorative styles, each vase is truly magnificent.  The Garden gift store offers a selection of celadon artworks, whose characteristic color and subtle lines are a perfect fit for modern tastes.  Larger urn vases with a central image of the phoenix, the Chinese symbol for the empress, are a grand statement and stand on their own as a piece of home d├ęcor.  The gift store also features a wide range of smaller vases, each superiorly crafted and individually beautiful.

$89.95 - $225.95

Imperial Statues

One of the most fabled persons in Chinese history, the Emperor was a dominant symbol of the culmination of wealth, power and knowledge. His private life has been the source of endless study, the Forbidden City only recently opened to public tourists. If you too have a flare for the decadent, take home one of these two ceramic imperial statues. These were hand painted and are a wonderful addition to any display. 

$19.95 each


Pair of Bronze Fu Dogs with Stand

In Chinese culture, Fu Dogs are the protectors of public and private spaces, their imposing figures are often seen at the entrances of buildings.  The male fu dog, holding a sphere that represents the world, always appears on the right.  The female, guarding a small cub, is presented on the left.  Fu dogs can be seen in front of temples, homes and gardens in China and are a charming reminder of strength.  This pair is beautifully rendered and a decedent gateway to Chinese culture and art. 



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