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This cotton baseball cap is black with white embroidered characters representing Lan Su Yuan on the front and translating these words to Portland Classical Chinese Garden on the back.  Portland’s Chinese Garden is poetically named Lan Su Yuan, which has a double meaning. The characters literally translate to Portland-Suzhou Garden, but the characters could also be interpreted to read Garden of Awakening Orchids; an invitation for visitors to awaken to the wonders of Nature contained within. 


Item Code 105696

Bat Tile Lapel Pin

The symbolic roof tiles found within Lan Su Yuan feature the character for double happiness surrounded by five bats representing the five blessings (bat is pronounced fu in Chinese and is a homophone for the word happiness).  Take home a lapel pin featuring this stunning design, a wonderful addition to any outfit.  These pins are embossed in a pewter setting. 


Item Code 105858

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