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Watercolor Exhibit by Zhou Rong-Bao

View a collection of artworks by Suzhou watercolorist Zhou Rong-Bao specially selected for the Portland Classical Chinese Garden. This exhibition and sale will be in the Garden’s Lounge House from May 1st until June 1st, 2006. The shows curators Sunny and Judy Han travel to China each year to hand select artists and works for this annual showcase of works by Suzhou painters. The month of May features a very unique watercolor artist, Zhou Rong-Bao, whose works are strikingly reminiscent to his homeland, the Suzhou waterways and streets. Click on the ‘more info’ link below to read a brief description of the Han’s visit to Zhou Rong-Bao’s house in Suzhou, China.  Follow this link to the Han’s official website with even more images of Zhou Rong-Bao’s work - www.originalchinesepaintings.com.

Curators Sunny & Judy Han visit artist Zhou, Rong-Bao

Before departing on our trip to China, Sunny spent many hours on the phone speaking with Mr. Zhou to establish a relationship and understanding with the artist in regards to his work. As fascinated as we are about his paintings he is about us and our life.
Mr. Zhou was so excited about our coming; he said he would begin painting just for us.

After arriving in Suzhou Sunny called Mr. Zhou and made an appointment for us to visit with him and his wife. As the taxi driver slows down to look for the street number we see Rong-Bao waving to us with a paint brush in his hand. He is thrilled to see the couple from America coming to visit with him. Mr. Zhou is 63 years old and has lived all his life in Suzhou. Rong-Bao and his wife live in a modest apartment with his 90 year old mother. He has one son and one daughter who live near by.

As we visited with the artist and his wife, he brings out a wooden box filled to the brim with both government and local community awards. To them, this was validation of all his years of hard work. We sipped tea and listened to the stories of family and, of course, of politics. Talk of government politics always seems to find its way into the conversation. Local officials will call at times, and ask for a painting to give as a gift from Suzhou to a dignitary or person of prominence.

He paints from photos he takes of the landscapes of the city, and in Suzhou that means Canals and bridges and of course the Gardens of Suzhou. The artist has given each painting a title.

Mr. Zhou’s paintings are representative of the Canals that line the city of Suzhou. If you have visited Suzhou, you may recognize some of the buildings that line the canals, you may have crossed one of the bridges in his paintings or walked through one of the gardens in Suzhou. All of his works have a seemingly architectural feeling to them.

Rong-Bao takes us on a tour through his apartment where his paintings hang in simple frames on the walls. This is his “Gallery”. He asks us to choose the ones we like. He and his wife are so excited about how much we appreciate them and are startled to see we want to buy them all. There were a couple of paintings he did not want to sell. They had been given an award in a prominent gallery show and he just could not part with them.  Maybe he will give them up on our next visit.

We spend the next hour talking about the paintings as he takes them out from under the glass. Sunny told him he better get to work because he has many empty walls in his ”Gallery”.

We are invited to stay for dinner, but our schedule was tight and we say thank you, but we are unable to stay, we will make time on our next visit.

The art work we have in this showcase is painted by a very special, shy man who loves to paint and was so thrilled to know his paintings were coming to the United States of America. It was another validation of his incredible talent as an artist from Suzhou, China.