The Portland Classical Chinese Garden

Between NW 2nd and 3rd and NW Everett and Flanders in Old Town/Chinatown, Portland Oregon, USA

Peony China Tour 2006

Discover the floral wonders of ancient China with the Portland Classical Chinese Garden’s 2006 China Peony Tour.  Visit the famed peony festivals of Heze and Luoyang, joining with garden enthusiasts the world over to delight in the magnificent blooms of rare peony cultivars at the height of their blooming season.  Heze and Luoyang house the world’s most diverse peony collections and displays.  Luoyang is the current peony capital of the world and local legend deems this ancient capital the birthplace of the peony.  Indeed, this tour marries the historical and horticultural splendors of China into a seamless exploration of China’s most remarkable wonders.  Travel through Beijing, Heze, Luoyang, Suzhou and Shanghai and discover for yourself the majesties of China. 

This tour is led by returning Garden guide, Catherine Qu, a Chinese native fluent in both English and Mandarin.  The group will meet a local guide in each city who will add local flavor, history and personal stories.  Escorting the tour are peony experts, Jim and Carol Adelman, departing with the group from Portland, Oregon.  The Adelman’s are Oregon natives who own and operate Adelman Peony Gardens in Salem, Oregon.  The two credit a long admiration of this delightful flower with their current success and ever building knowledge of the vast field of peony study. Adelman Peony Gardens is currently the largest retail grower of herbaceous peonies in the state of Oregon, shipping both domestically and internationally to peony lovers the world over. 

The 2006 China Peony Tour promises to delight travelers with a rare glimpse of the treasures of China.  Visit the Summer Palace and its adjacent imperial gardens, see the famed Longmen Caves of Luoyang and take a leisurely stroll through the grandeur of the Shanghai Museum.  This tour is unrivaled in the Garden’s history and sure to be a magnificent adventure. 

Day 1 (April 10) – Flight to Beijing, cross International Date Line. 

Day 2 (April 11) - Arrival in Beijing in the afternoon. Check into Changfeng Holiday Inn or similar. D

Day 3 (April 12) – Beijing. Visit Forbidden City and Jingshan Garden. B,L,D

Day 4 (April 13) - Beijing. Visit Summer Palace and Beijing Botanical Garden. B,L

Day 5 (April 14) – Beijing to Heze. Take morning train from Beijing to Heze. Visit Heze Guohua Peony Research Institute. Check into Nanhua hotel or similar. B,L

Day 6 (April 15) – Heze. Visit Heze Peony Festival all day. Special local flavor dinner. B,L,D

Day 7 (April 16) – Heze/ Kaifeng/ Luoyang. Drive to Luoyang via Kaifeng through express highway. Walk along a Song Dynasty style street in Kaifeng and have lunch there. Check into Luo Yang Grand Hotel or similar. B,L

Day 8 (April 17) – Luoyang. Visit Luoyang Peony Festival all day long. B,L,D

Day 9 (April 18) – Luoyang. Return to Luoyang Peony Festival. B,L

Day 10 (April 19) – Luoyang. Visit Longmen Caves. Free afternoon. B,L

Day 11 (April 20) – Luoyang to Suzhou. Take coach to Zhengzhou, fly from Zhengzhou to Shanghai, take coach to Suzhou. Visit Lingering Garden and see evening performance at Master of Nets Garden.  Check into Bamboo Grove Hotel. B,L,D

Day 12 (April 21) – Suzhou. Morning cruise on the canals, visit Humble Administrator’s Garden. Visit Tiger Hill in the afternoon. B,L,D

Day 13 (April 22) – Suzhou to Shanghai. Free morning, afternoon coach to Shanghai. Check into Holiday Inn Downtown. Visit the bund at night. B,D

Day 14 (April 23) – Shanghai. Visit Shanghai Botanical Garden and Yu Garden. B,L

Day 15 (April 24) – Shanghai. Visit the Shanghai Museum. Free afternoon. B,L

Day 16 (April 25) – Shanghai. Fly home, cross international date line. B