Classical Chinese Garden
NW 3rd and Everett, Portland, OR, 97208, 503-228-8131

Summer Showcase:

Jiangsu & Zhejiang Province - Summer Art in the Garden

June 4th – August 31st, 2005

The Portland Classical Chinese Garden is pleased to host an exhibition of Chinese artists from the private collection of Sunny & Judy Han. Each painting is an original piece of art, reflecting a diverse range of adaptive traditional styles from the Jiangsu and Zhejiang Provinces in China.

Zhou, Rong-Bao

Born in 1943, Zhou, Rong-Bao graduated from the Suzhou Industrial Art College in 1962. A member of the Artists' Association of Suzhou and the Painting Research Association of JiangSu, his paintings have been on exhibit domestically and internationally, including a show in London through China's Department of Foreign Culture, and the first oil painting exhibition of China in 1977. Zhou, Rong-Bao's work has also been covered in Suzhou newspapers and domestic magazines.

The pieces of Zhou, Rong-Bao's in the Garden's Summer Showcase this year are a contemporary form of Chinese watercolor. Mr. Zhou is a Suzhou artisan whose works skillfully captures this ancient city of canals in a fluid and memorizing scape of natural color and beauty.

Jiang, Rong-Guan

Born in 1963, Jiang, Rong-Guan is a Suzhou native that began painting at a young age. Jiang, Rong-Guan specializes in birds and flowers, and has won numerous awards for his work over the past two decades. His paintings have been featured in the International Chinese Painting and Commerce listing and he is currently a member of the World Painters Association. Mr. Jiang has exhibited in large solo shows throughout China as well as internationally. He is a member of the Chinese Modern Youth Painters Association and has been a commissioned painter for the Beijing Art Exchange. His work is currently exhibited in the Beijing Art Exchange and at other galleries in both Suzhou and Hong Kong.

Mr. Jiang's contemporary flare in depicting traditional Chinese subject matter and technique make his artworks irresistible. He excels at seamlessly marrying a new and old style resulting in works with soothing colors and well-balanced compositions.

Goo, Ren-Yuan

Born in 1958 in Suzhou, Goo, Ren-Yuan specializes in watercolors. In 1991, he won the "Art of Excellence" Award for art from the Jiangsu province. In 1996, he won the Gold Medal Award of Asia for his Chinese brush painting. He is a member of the Jiangsu Province Artists' Association and the Jiangsu Province Bird & Flower Painting Association.

Dang, Shui-May

Dang, Shui-May began painting in early childhood and is now well known for her fine brush work in the depiction of birds and flowers. Ms. Dang was mentored by some of China's most preeminent master painters and graduated from the Sichuan Art Institute in the 1980's. Having found success internationally, Ms. Dang has now sold her work in the United States, Japan, France, Hong Kong, Macu and Taiwan. She is currently the Chairperson of the Central Government of Hangzhou Chinese Painting Academy and a prominent member of the Chinese Western Region Art Gallery.

Dang, Shui-May adheres closely to a strong ‘Song Dynasty' painting style that is considered traditionally Chinese. Her works are soft and devoutly detailed making her pieces a tranquil respite of beauty and technique.

Le, Chang-An

Born in Shanghai in May 1964, Le, Chang-An graduated from Shanghai Light Industry College and is a member of the Shanghai Youth Artist Association. His works, which employ ground ink sticks, achieve both the dramatic effects of oil paints and pastels, as well as the qualities of watercolor. He explains that the emotion in his paintings often comes from images he sees in daily life in China. His works are currently displayed in Hai Ma Gallery and Nan Pu Art Academy.

This refreshing departure from traditionalist Chinese painting is alive and invigorating. The vibrant color palette of Mr. Le's work continually energizes its onlooker and inspires the imagination. His contemporary scenes are indicative of modern China and an accurate commentary on Chinese culture and spirit.

Su, Rohr-Shien

A native of Suzhou, Su, Rohr-Shien was born in 1952. He is well known for his “Lover Bird” paintings and holds the highest position in the Chinese Calligraphy Association. He is also a member of the Chinese Art Association and the Chinese Art Academy. Su Rohr-Shien has exhibited in Pusan, South Korea and currently owns his own art gallery in Suzhou.

Mr. Su's work is a beautiful example of contemporary Chinese watercolor. His muted color palette charmingly showcases detailed scenes of native landscapes and wildlife. Su, Rohr-Shien is an expert at depicting tranquil scenes defined by soothing compositions and under-spoken colors schemes.

Xu, Jun

Suzhou artist Xu, Jun's works employ ground ink sticks: a medium that combines the elusiveness of watercolor while achieving the dramatic effect of oil paints and pastels. Mr. Xu often paints women, whose bold and yet mysterious nature captures the viewer's attention and imagination. Xu Jun graduated from the Suzhou Industrial Art College in 1983. In 1999, he received an award for his work commemorating the last 50 years of Suzhou life. He is a member of the Suzhou Artists' Association as well as the Jiangsu Artists' Association.

His works at the Garden's Summer Showcase this year are unmistakable, saturated with color and compelling compositions, Mr. Xu's artwork is always a refreshing departure from Chinese traditionalism and an exciting view into contemporary culture.

Shen, Renqian

Shen, Renqian is a native of Suzhou and of the art world; he has been painting since the age of five. Escaping the heated political climate of China during the Cultural Revolution, Mr. Shen spent several years in the countryside and never sought formal training in the arts. These experiences have resulted in a freehand style of painting that is both realistic and vibrant. Working in a number of mediums, from oil and silk painting to sculpture, Shen, Renqian says, “individuality is the life of art.” His works are frequently published in newspapers and magazines, and exhibited at international art exhibitions.

Chong, Chin

Chong, Chin was born in 1957 in Suzhou, China. He has been well received in the art world since his graduation from the Suzhou Art Institute in the late 1970's. Holding shows in Taiwan, Singapore and Japan, Mr. Chong is known for his unique style of painting which combines both the Chinese and Japanese tradition. He is currently a member of the Chinese Art Association and of the International Watercolor Association.

Zhang, Xiexiong

Zhang, Xiexiong was born in 1977 in Zhouning County in the Fujian Province. He began working with his father at the age of 15 and formally entered University at the age of 18. He graduated from Fujian Teaching Education University (An Oil Painting College) in 1999. Mr. Zhang, has a natural artistic talent and a fondness for the old European Masters, whose style he has emulated most of his career. He often paints from photographs and works exclusively in oil.

Zhang, Xiesiong is unique in his choice of mediums; he excels at creating paintings clearly influenced by the old masters and yet fresh in their sense of intimacy and perspective. The paintings exhibited at the Garden this year are detailed and infused with soft light and a controlled and flawless technique.