Upcoming Events

International Children's Day Event Schedule
Please note: times and locations are subject to change.

 "Main Stage" Events (near the Brocade of Clouds Pavilion) 
 11:30 AM:  Woodstock School Wo Ai Dancers
 12:15 PM-1:30 PM:  "Why Chinese Lions Dance," a demonstration by the Northwest Lion Dance Association. Take a step by step (paw by paw?) journey through the tradition of Chinese Lion Dance.
 2:00 PM:  International School Dancers

Fans and Flowers Arts & Crafts (Reflections in Clear Ripples Pavilion)

Materials, instructions and help will be supplied to make you own "Landmarks of Chinatown" fan. Color them, put them together, fan yourself, with artist Willow Zheng. Create colorful paper flowers with artist Mai Hwa Frances Li.

A Stroll through " Little Chinatown" (Scholar's Courtyard)
You may have heard of "Old Chinatown" (yesterday's Chinatown) and "New Chinatown" (today's Portland Chinatown). Now there's "Little Chinatown," a kid's sized story book version to visit in the garden and learn about Chinatown as it is now, with glimpses of how it was. Created by artist Willow Zheng and her loyal crew of China Council assistants.

The exhibit will also feature "Stories About Chinese Americans in Portland Chinatown," developed in collaboration with the Old Town History Project.

"Chinatown Is..."
A video presentation in which children and a few "aliens" (i.e., adults) tell us about what Chinatown and International Children's Day means to them.

Made possible with a generous grant from The Collins Foundation with support from the Old Town History Project, Families with Children from China, Woodstock School, and The International School.