2010 Events

A Year of Events Celebrating 2010

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On September 14, 2022 Lan Su Chinese Garden turns ten. To commemorate this exciting milestone and honor our special relationship with our sister city Suzhou, we’re hosting a yearlong celebration--and everyone is invited. Beginning with ten free admission days and continuing throughout the year, we’re filling the calendar with events and surprises not to be missed. Be sure to visit our website or follow us on Twitter for more information on upcoming events and announcements. 2010 promises to be a year to remember.

Celebrating Ten Years with Ten Free Days

January 2 - 11

Ten days of free admission to the Garden (general admission is $8.50) in celebration of 2010, the beginning of the Garden’s 10th Anniversary.

Free Admission.

Chinese New Year - Year of the Tiger

February 14 - 28

An annual festival for families and children this celebration includes lion dances, puppet shows, martial arts and demonstrations sharing the rich culture and history of Chinese New Year. This two week celebration culminates with traditional lantern viewing on February 28th. Throughout the festival, all visitors receive a red envelope, symbolizing good luck for the coming year.

Free with Garden admission.

Festival of Fragrance

March 19 - 26

An overwhelming olfactory experience! Fragrant plants and flowers can be purchased at the annual spring plant sale, Chinese floral artistry can be learned using fragrant orchids, aromatherapy will be explored from a Chinese historical perspective and heady lectures by plant experts, will teach how to bring fragrance to homes and gardens everywhere.

Free with Garden admission.

Tiger Time Spring Break

March 20 - 28

A week of escape filled with activities for children and families featuring the Tiger (2010 is the Year of the Tiger). Enjoy Tiger tales, make a fierce mask, discover your Chinese fortune, try Tai Chi, learn to play mahjong and more. People born the year of the Tiger get into the Garden free!

Free with Garden admission.

Colorful Kites of China

April 1- 30

China is the birth-place of kites and April in the Garden is time to revel in the color and culture of celestial kites. Enjoy viewing a renowned collection of ancient and contemporary kites, learn about Chinese kite history and learn how to make a kite. As we can’t fly kites in the Garden, we offer an opportunity to learn how to fly a Chinese yo-yo, instead!

Free with Garden admission.

Passion for Peonies

May 8 - 31

All peonies grown in the world have their beginnings in China where the large, brilliantly colored blooms inspired poets to draw associations with aristocratic splendor, opulence, robust sensuality and voluptuous women. During May, mothers and women are celebrated and the peony reigns. Tree and herbaceous peonies are for sale and growers give lectures on their history and cultivation. The Northwest Peony Society displays their blowzy blooms and floral demonstrations using peonies take place. On May 27th, visitors are encouraged to “Bring Three (peonies) and Get in Free”, resulting in the largest, informal show of peonies ever.

Free with Garden admission.

Landscapes in Miniature

June 18 - 24

The Chinese art of dwarfing trees and creating miniature landscapes is called penjing and has been practiced in China for more than 2,000 years. The largest display in the United States of these fascinating mini-landscapes takes place at Lan Su Chinese Garden where visitors can marvel at the complexity of the designs; often featuring ancient tiny trees, gnarled rock and mud men characters. This exhibit, accompanying demonstrations and activities takes in Father’s Day Weekend. Men, we discovered, appear to be fascinated by extreme pruning!

Free with Garden admission.

Tuesdays by Twilight Concerts

Tuesday evenings July 6 through August 10

This after-hours concert series brings a selection of music for every taste and delivers it to relaxed audiences sitting around the lake and among the flowers. Performers to be announced May 1.

Ticked event. Tickets on sale June 1.

Happy Hours

Every Monday Evening in July

A rare opportunity to experience the Garden at dusk as admission is extended to 9:00 p.m. Musicians provide relaxing background sounds and wine is available for purchase. The Teahouse will remain open for tea and snacks.

Garden admission.

Festival of the Scholar’s Arts

August 1 - 31

The scholar’s study in a Chinese garden was a refuge, a place of comfort where the men of the family wrote poetry, practiced calligraphy, read, admired collections, entertained fellow scholars and took naps. This festival features painting and calligraphy demonstrations, an exhibit of silk embroidery and Chinese music. Women are also welcome. Napping could take place in other parts of the Garden!

Free with Garden admission.

Birthday Bash Month

presented by Yellow Mountain StoneWorks
September 1 - 17

A series of events is planned to celebrate the Garden’s 10th birthday

Mooncakes & Pomegranates Dinner

September 1
6:30 p.m.

A delicious opportunity to taste food from fourteen renowned, downtown restaurants while enjoying live music, participating in cultural activities and catching the Garden in the last glow of summer.

Ticketed event.

Happy Birthday Week

September 13 - 17

A week of birthday cake and Chinese games in the Garden. Cake is served at 3:00 p.m every day.

Free with Garden admission.

Anniversary Gala Event

September 16

An elegant, fundraising dinner at the Portland Art Museum, hosted by Harold & Arlene Schnitzer.

Ticketed event.

The Rites of Matrimony

10:10am on 10/10/10

Lan Su is a favorite and romantic place for weddings. Ten couples will be married, courtesy of the Garden, at this private event. Traditional Chinese wedding elements will be included in this auspicious ceremony. On arrival of the couples will be greeted by a clanging gong, one partner will carry a Chinese umbrella and watermelon candies will be shared with friends and family.

By invitation only - details on how to apply to have your wedding included coming soon.

Festival of Earth

October 14 - 31

In addition to the Han Chinese, China has over 90 million national minorities representing 55 distinct ethnic groups. Each group has at least one festival focusing on the bounty of the land. Lan Su’s Festival of Earth brings a farmers market brimming with Asian vegetable and fruits, the annual autumn plant sale, gourd painting, fruit tasting and an abundance of lectures and demonstrations.

Free with Garden admission.

Garden Inspiration - Chinese Art Show

November 1 - 30

The Oregon Association of Chinese Artists fills the Garden pavilions with art inspired by the gardens of China and Lan Su.

Free with Garden admission.

Chrysanthemum Festival

November 2 - 7

In China, this autumn bloom is a symbol of good fortune and health and has been the inspiration for generations of poets and artists. This festival features the prize winning blooms from the Portland Chrysanthemum society, specially cultivated chrysanthemum displays in the Chinese style, floral demonstrations and Chrysanthemum wine tasting.

Free with Garden admission

Winter Gift Market

Weekends of December 4 & 5 and December 11 & 12

A chance to purchase gifts for friends and family, at this one-of-a-kind market. Select from horticultural and Asian inspired gifts, cards and garden art.

Free with Garden admission.

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