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Special Holiday Selections

Portland Ornament

Created by local artist Betty Gimarelli's, this year's 2004 holiday ornament is of The Portland Classical Chinese Garden. Intricately detailed, colored and plated in 24K gold, this limited edition ornament is numbered and includes a history of the Garden. The ornament comes alone or with a holiday CD by renowned local pianist Michael Allen Harrison. Proceeds benefit breast cancer research at the FRanz Medical Center in Portland.

Penjing Rock Plant

The Chinese love of plants and rock culminates in a style of Penjing or "potted landscape," where plants are grown on a natural stone. This season we are offering the colorful "Pink Quill" or Tillandsia cyanea, an easy to grow houseplant well suited to growing on a rock. This living plant is sure to bring positive "chi" energy to your home.

Cyanea, one of 374 species of the genus Tillandsia, blooms in winter with a plume of deep pink or red bracts. Violet blue flowers may emerge one or two at a time for long periods, making this an attractive gift for anyone on your holiday wish list.

Jewelry Assortment -from the inexpensive to one-of-a-kind luxury items

Upon entering our warm, cozy gift shop, a twinkle of gold, silver and sparkling gems gleams from a corner of the room. Well-known for our jewelry selection, the Gift Store offers a variety of antique and inspired pieces, ranging in price to suit everyone's budget. Whether you seek a sterling silver Chinese zodiac charm for a niece's first necklace, a traditional string of Chinese fresh water pearls for your mother, or a startling jade necklace for that special someone, we offer a festive array that is sure to tempt you this holiday season.

Porcelain Teacups with strainer

It can be said that the art of tea is essential to Chinese culture. Through the ages, poems and songs have attested to the pleasures of tea and tea ceremony, and many a best friendship has formed across the tea table. For those seeking a vessel for their daily tea well suited to the needs of the modern home and workplace, we offer a selection of elegant porcelain teacups with removable porcelain strainer. Traditional covers keep the tea hot while you read the paper or type at your desk. Our selection showcases three well-loved motifs: the lotus blossom, the carp, and the traditional pairing of bird and flower. This is a beautiful way to blend the art of tea into our busy, 21st century lives.

9 Dragons Imperial Incense Censor & Incense selection

One story in Chinese mythology relates that the first to think of burning perfumed oil and wood was the god "Huang-Gun" or "Huang-Kun." The smell "incensed" those who felt that the fragrance was too strong, and a name for the concoction was born.

Another story relates that the origin of the name Hong Kong comes from the significant production of incense in China. "Hong" means "fragrant" or "incense" and "Kong" means "harbor," beautifully labeling Hong Kong Island as a harbor of fragrance.

Much like the art of tea, incense continues to carry great significance in China. We have selected this heavy, bronze Chinese Incense Censor as a premium display of traditional art. Covered in nine, stylized dragons - two dragon heads curve into the handles of this exquisite piece - this is a copy of an incense censor that reputedly graced the Imperial Palace in Beijing.

An incense censor requires incense and we have a tasteful, well-priced selection of fragrances including pine, sandalwood, green tea and jasmine.

Cinnabar Boxes

Visitors to our gift shop have often asked us: "What exactly is cinnabar?" Cinnabar is the principal ore of mercury, and in very early times, artificial cinnabar, or vermilion, was prepared by combining the elements of mercury and sulfur. The historic source for cinnabar is the famous Almaden mines in Spain, which are still the world's most important source of mercury, but Cinnabar is widely distributed in nature and sources are known in England, Spain, Italy, Japan, California, Mexico, Peru, and of course, famously in China, where cinnabar has been used for centuries in traditional arts and crafts.

Our selection of cinnabar boxes feature motifs such as dragons, peacocks, butterflies, landscape scenes and ornamental motifs that are carved into the unhinged lid and sides of each box. This high-relief carving on the outside gives way to a glossy-black lacquered inside, perfect for jewelry or small keepsakes. Exquisite examples of the intricacy of Chinese art and craftworks, these reasonably priced boxes make an excellent companion gift or stocking stuffer. One might even consider tastefully folding a check inside for a friend or family member who has requested money instead of a gift this year.

Silk Robe Wine Bottle Cover

Faced with the task of buying something for someone who has everything? Try our fun take on a traditional design - a miniature Chinese dress sewn to fit over the top of wine bottle. Pair it with a nice Oregon pinot noir, and you have an original blend of new and old, Chinese and Western.

Despite its touch of whimsy, this brocade silk piece, replete with a stand collar, "frog" buttons, and traditional iconography, is a worthy complement to a luxury wine. The round "shou" icon embroidered onto the fabric stands for longevity, and was traditionally used in Mandarin garments, often encircled by five bats, to bear a meaning of blessing and long life.

Decorative Ceramic Vases

A great lesson of the Garden is that something is blooming at any time of year! Why not consider gifting someone with a Chinese vase so they can discover what our northwest has to offer in winter-blooming plants. These 8.5-9.5 inch vases come in three motifs: single lotus, lotus and frog, and double peach. Attractive and uniquely patterned, the soft blue-green glaze is a nice complement to the holiday palette. These vases are equally fit for displaying live or dried flowers or simply for decorative purposes.

Intro to the Garden Package - Garden book + 2 adult tickets

What better gift can we suggest than the gift of the Garden? Among us all is a friend or family member who has yet to experience our Garden of Awakening Orchids. Consider a gift membership to the Garden for annual delight, or simply pair a couple of tickets with our Garden book and entice them to explore.

Wherever you find yourself this holiday season, at home or abroad, in the company of friends or family, all of us here at the Portland Classical Chinese Garden wish you many blessings of health, prosperity and good fortune.

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