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Chinese Interior Painted Bottles

The beautiful interior design of each bottle is painted entirely by hand. The process takes several days and is performed by a highly skilled artist using slender and finely sharpened bamboo sticks. Though designs may be similar, each bottle is unique. Interior glass painting originated in China over 300 years ago during the Qing Dynasty.
Bottle prices range from $13.50 - $39.50, plus Shipping & Handling.
For decorative purposes only.


Chinese Temple Carvings

This intricate wooden carving is a portion of an ancient Ming or Qing Dynasty (14th - 19th century) Chinese temple. Skillfully carved from a single piece of hung moo wood, and included in a mosaic of over a hundred more pieces like it, they formed the spiritual walls within the interiors of Buddhist temples and the homes of the old cultural and literate elite. The Red Guards thoughtlessly destroyed an abundance of these ancient treasures during the Cultural Revolution in the 1960's. This is your chance to own a piece of history.
Priced at $25 - $75, plus Shipping & Handling.