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Holiday Gift Guide

The Portland Classical Chinese Garden Gift Store is a tranquil option for holiday shopping. Open every day from 10-5 in the wintertime, come and enjoy the relaxing fragrance of jasmine and ginger while our music soothes and that shopping list magically gets smaller.

Quietly, while we were awakening from the haze of long, slow days and warm, Summer nights, Fall slipped into view and then just as quickly faded, the horn of Winter blowing suddenly in our ears. Every year the Holidays creep up on us just like this. One moment we are waiting for the leaves to turn, and the next we are decorating them with tinsel. But as the tide of Nature teaches us, nothing is permanent. So let us light our candles, prepare our festivities, and join the parade of gift giving that makes our loved ones smile. To help, here is our own Holiday Gift Guide, brought to us courtesy of the PCCG Gift Shop elves.

Stocking Stuffers (under $5):

Why not delight your favorite stocking owner with a selection of unique, inexpensive gifts that won't get eaten by 10am? Consider our new Cell Phone purses ($2.95). These small, brocade purses hang charmingly at your side, hiding the technology within without sacrificing access to those holiday calls. Our Sandalwood fans ($2.95) are a popular recurring item in our store. Presented in a glass-topped box, these fans make lovely Winter wall decorations as well as a handy Summer tool. Another popular item is our enameled fish (various sizes/prices). These glittering, moveable creatures, symbolic of prosperity, make great tree ornaments and curios, as well as earrings, necklace emblems and even zipper pulls. If fish aren't your mark, but there's a frog, panda, butterfly or bat-collector you're shopping for, don't miss our fun animal socks ($4.50). A playful gift for stockings and feet!

Gifts Under $20:

Moving past stockings into more substantial gifts, we'd like to suggest our Chinese hot drink mugs with accompanying lids ($5.50/$7.50). Ranging in style from traditional blue & white motifs to colorfully painted varieties, these mugs are designed for tea, but happy to accommodate a little mulled wine if one is so inclined. Our new Jade Moon CD ($14.95) is an aural pleasure for tired, overworked loved ones, and our Zen Garden Fragrance Line of lotions, candles and soaps (various prices) will lure them into a much-needed bath. Beautifully packaged and offering travel kits as well is Enchanted Meadow's Zen for Men, Chai fragrance and in Zen Garden for Women, see what you think about Ginger and Green Tea aromatherapy products. Finally, we are proud to be debuting a signature line of Boxed Holiday Cards ($11.95). Each box of six cards contains three different designs, including a dove of peace, holiday gifts, a stand of trees all with the artist signature seal. A Winter Assortment of note cards is also available. Purchase of these cards directly supports the programs of our Garden!

Gifts Under $50

Our Gift Store is perennially a stop for exquisite jewelry and scarves; at the Holidays, even more so. Our scarves range from rich, velvet burn-outs to sheer, fabric confections of 100% silk. Elegant floral patterns such as plum blossom and chrysanthemum float amidst other Asian-inspired designs.

For jewelry, one can find everything from the whimsical to the trend setting to the sublime. Our unique selection combines traditional Chinese elements with a unique, modern twist in pieces such as our Chinese-character Italian Charm Bracelets and our Zodiac earrings and necklaces. The artistry of Dragonfly Jewelry, a Portland local, can also be found beautifying our jewelry case this time of year.

If one's wardrobe needs some additional support, we suggest checking out our expanded line of logo wear. Each piece emblazoned with our name and logo, the selection includes a Forest Green Long Sleeve Polo ($31.95), Iris Sweatshirt ($25.95), Light Green Terry Sweatshirt with zipper ($49.95), Butter Cropped Terry Pullover ($32.95), Hooded Navy Windbreaker ($39.50) and a Pine Sweatshirt Cardigan ($44.95), as well as our popular selection of logo hats and T-shirts. These items work double-duty: they promote our garden oasis while at the same time keeping your loved one warm.

Featured Item:

We can't get away without suggesting the gift of a pair of "Foo Dogs", a lauded addition to any Chinese home or establishment and ready to protect our American homes just as ably. The Gift Shop now carries a selection of several different styles, all are selling for $325.95 and all beautifully realized works of art and tradition.


Featured SALE Item:

Receive a 35% savings on our beautiful bamboo-dragonfly fountain. You can enjoy a relaxing oasis in your garden or home with the natural water sounds and peaceful atmosphere that this fountain creates. Regular price $62.95, now SALE priced at $39.95 while supplies last.


Gift Packages:

Gift packages are becoming more and more popular as even the idea of gift giving can overwhelm the best-intentioned Holiday shopper. Here are our suggestions for fun, unique packages to surprise and delight.

  1. "Come Visit Package": Showcase our beloved Garden to far-away family or recalcitrant friends with a Chinese Garden Video ($19.95). Recently featured on OPB, documentarian Ray Olsen presents our Portland Classical Chinese Garden as well as other Classical Chinese Gardens of our style in this beautifully filmed and educationally packed film. Throw in a couple of tickets and you may just lure them here!
  2. "Feng Shui Package": Help bring harmony to any home, garden or office with a selection of Feng Shui books and emblems. Feng Shui literally translates and Wind & Water, illustrating this ancient Chinese art form's attention to the elements of nature and the harmony that such attention can bring to any living space. Our popular "Feng Shui Do's and Taboo's" ($8.95) book is a good place to get started, but explore our Gift Shop bookcase for more in-depth analysis of the philosophy behind this popular Chinese practice.
  3. "Chinese Chop Package": ($24.95) Why not inspire a new hobby? Our Chop Package is a great way to get someone started in the art of Chinese calligraphy. For the ‘stampers' among us, we offer a Chinese Character Stamp Kit ($19.95) and a Nature Stamp Kit ($19.95), as well as many other individual stamps.

As you envision the selections our Gift Store has to offer, don't forget our unique gift-wrapping options. From whimsical Chinese take-out boxes to brocade fabric boxes for jewelry and small items, as well as luxury wrapping paper and gift bags, we have a wrapping option that will save you from cutting up the Sunday comics. Open every day from 10-5pm in the wintertime, our Gift Store is a tranquil option for holiday shopping, and you're supporting the Garden with every purchase! Come on down and let our Gift Shop elves wish you a "Happy Holidays" as the fragrance of jasmine and ginger relaxes, as our music soothes and that shopping list magically gets smaller and smaller.

Happy Holidays from everyone at the Portland Classical Chinese Garden. May your days be filled with family, friends and joyful festivity!