We invite you to use the Garden and the web site to explore an authentic Garden full of Chinese botanicals, culture, art, and history. From an exploration of the Five Elements of a Chinese Garden to activities and further readings designed to engage scholars of all ages, the pages of the learning section will allow you to follow in the path of the imperial scholar.

A Scholar's Garden

The Portland Classical Chinese Garden is an authentic Suzhou style scholar’s garden. Explore the Garden and discover the life of the imperial scholar official who would have called the Garden home during the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644).

Learn more about the Scholar and View the Garden.

East Meets West Outreach

East Meets West is a major effort by the Portland Classical Chinese Garden to create a cultural heritage program for school and communities across the State of Oregon. East Meets West visits are available for your schools and materials available for your classroom. 

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Five Elements of a Chinese Garden

Rather than imitate nature, architects and horticulturalists of Chinese gardens strive to recreate an ideal landscape in miniature. The natural elements—rock mountains, lakes, and trees, along with their qi, or energy—are brought together in harmony with architecture and poetry.

Learn about the five elements of Chinese gardens.

Portland Classical Chinese Garden

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Garden CLOSED until Friday, December 26

The Portland Classical Chinese Garden will be CLOSED until Friday, December 26 due to severe weather conditions.

East Meets West Outreach

To date, the Garden’s East Meets West Cultural Outreach program has reached more than 30,000 students in 25 Oregon and Southwest Washington Counties.

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