China Links for Students

A creative teacher has put together a wealth of links to learn about Ancient China.  Learn about the history of the Emperors.  Learn about pandas and their habitat.  Learn about dragons and read Chinese fables and much more!

From Ancient China to Modern Times Learn about China from timelines, maps, and crafts projects to make.

What do explosives, magnetic compasses, printing, paper, silk, kites, and earthquake sensors all have in common?  They are all early Chinese inventions!  Learn about China’s long technological history.

Explore Chinese, pinyin and English texts of poems by some of the greatest Chinese poets. Most of the featured authors are from the Tang dynasty, when culture in China was at its peak, but writers from other periods are also included.

Mountain Songs is a bilingual, database website, fully searchable, which connects ancient and some modern Chinese poetry to the landscape which inspired the poems. It enables you to experience the same sights that the poets themselves viewed hundreds of years ago.

Learn more about the celebrated classical gardens found in the historic city of Suzhou, in east China’s Jiangsu Province.

Travel through a Chinese scroll painting by Xu Yang, to explore the daily life and activities of eighteenth-century Suzhou. People, residences, shops, famous temples, and renowned scenic gardens and sites reflect the intimate knowledge and love of the artist’s hometown.

Portland Classical Chinese Garden

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