The Portland Classical Chinese Garden’s East Meets West curriculum uses the Garden as a Gateway into Chinese History and Culture.  Curriculum is suitable for classroom teaching and other learning environments.  Strengths of the East Meets West curriculum include:

  • A focus on the five elements of a classical Chinese garden: Stone, Water, Plants, Architecture and Poetry
  • A connection to ancient and modern China within a global world context
  • An integrated multi-disciplinary curriculum with a variety of engaging activities in social studies, language arts, visual arts, and science
  • Development by an Excellence in Education award-winning teacher with 28 years experience in Portland Public Schools
  • A review for content accuracy by professors of Chinese history and culture
  • A design for flexible use in Kindergarten through 12th grade classrooms aligned with the Oregon’s Content Standards/Benchmarks
  • An incorporation of diverse learning styles
  • Inclusion as a tool for reading, storytelling, listening, writing, visual learning, artistic and creative expression, and group and individual activities

Download the East Meets West curriculum activity sheets for further study and use in the classroom.
Architecture Activity Worksheet (PDF, 158K)
Poetry Activity Worksheet (PDF, 144K)
Rocks Activity Worksheet (PDF, 346K)
Water Activity Worksheet (PDF, 198K)
Plants Activity Worksheet (PDF, 167K)
Plants “Bow with Meaning” Drawings (PDF, 1.9MB)

For complete teacher curriculum or for more information, please contact Joan Kvitka, Cultural Education Director at 503.228.8131 ext. 1005 or .

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