East Meets West Outreach

LaPine elementary students with Cultural Education Director Joan Kvitka
East Meets West Education Outreach Program is a major effort by the Portland Classical Chinese Garden to create a cultural heritage program for school and communities across the State of Oregon.  This program brings Chinese culture directly into communities and classrooms across the state through interactive media and hands-on learning materials.  Educators may choose to receive training or have the program presented in their classrooms.  Chinese culture is taught across grade levels and curriculum goals.  Very young students learn to recognize symbols and patterns.  Older students explore history, literature, horticulture, philosophy, and cultural tools for living in our global world.  Using the five elements of a Chinese Garden, students are transported to ancient Chinese culture and emerge with new understanding of interacting in our world today.

For more information or to schedule East Meets West for your classroom, please contact Joan Kvitka, Cultural Education Director at 503.228.8131 ext. 1005 or .

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