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As a non-profit organization the Portland Classical Chinese Gardens has both limited funds and staff, and so we ask that you help us to maintain this web site by alerting us to misspelled words, broken web-links or other errors. In addition, by providing comments concerning the ease of use or general functionality you can help us as we continually improve this web site.

We may not be able to answer all questions or correct all errors immediately, but we take your feedback very seriously and appreciate your taking the time to communicate with us.

Please enter your comment/question below. If you are commenting on a specific plant specimen please give the full scientific name. If you experienced an error somewhere on the web site, please give as much detailed information as possible concerning the error (including your browser type and version).


The Portland Classical Chinese Garden is a non-profit organization NOT funded by tax dollars.
In order to keep our Garden and its programs healthy and growing, we are dependent on donors, members and visitors.

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