Classical Chinese Garden
NW 3rd and Everett, Portland, OR, 97208, 503-228-8131
Volunteer Opportunities

For a Volunteer application, send an e-mail to Elena Gold or call 503.228.8131 extension 1001.
Watch this page for more information about volunteer opportunities!

Volunteers Needed

We are always looking for Greeters, Tour Guides, and Special Event Volunteers to help us throughout the year. Training is provided for all volunteers. Volunteer benefits include free admission to the Garden, discounts in the Gift Store, and invitations to work at or attend evening events in the Garden. Special Event Volunteers are needed for evening events. This is a great opportunity for your friends, family and co-workers to volunteer together! For more information, please e-mail volunteers@portlandchinesegarden.org.

Volunteer Clubs



500 Club
Frances Chin
Wanda Dishman
Dan Lucas
Kim Luey
Lynne McIntyre
Carlton Olson
Ralph Smith
400 Club 300 Club
Ken Diener
Jan Vreeland
Dale Archibald
Barbara Brooks
Carol Gwo
Elaine Kirk
Alvin Klass
Dennis Lee
Frances Li
Steve Marsh
Lucinda Pierpont
200 Club 100 Club
Ron Apple
Debbie Fellman
Sherl Gonzales
Patricia Jamtgaard
William Jonee
Pat Knott
Mae Ninomiya
Anne Smith
Elizabeth "Cha" Smith
Chris Benenson
Marion Berg
Jane Bosket
Reuben Chong
Mary Collet
Cammie Doty
Maria Duryea
Peter Eddy
Suzanne Friedman
Joan Hallinan
Marcia Hamann
Dave Heater
Bernice "Bunny" Hirtzel
Wendy Kuttner
Charlotte Matthews
Donna Mills
Anna Peden
Helen Richardson
Lee Rosback
Marilyn Slotfeldt
Philip Tang
Trish Trout
Ming-Ming Tung-Edelman
Peg Vrooman
Bart Whalen
Barbara White
Maymelle Wong